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If a loan is not an economically practical option for you, there are some grants and even tax reductions that can make the purchase of a walk-in tub less of a financial strain. Grants provided through Medicaid and related programs vary by region, so make sure to learn if your state or county offers any assistance for senior citizens who are trying to make their homes more secure.

This guarantee includes labor and has couple of, if any, exceptions. This outstanding warranty can help you keep expenses low in time and provides you peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy your tub for years to come. With Spirit, if your tub has a problem, the business will work directly with you to resolve it in a prompt way.

Hydro Dimensions, an innovator in the walk-in tub market considering that the early 1990s, uses sixteen various walk-in tubs in two different line of product: the HD Series Line and the Specialty Line. We have actually examined a tub from each line so that you can get a concept of what's used. In basic, the tubs in the specialty line are bigger than average or are developed for those with limited mobility.

There are 6 unique levels of jet upgrades plus some add-on features like lights and heaters. Even with upgrades, Hydro Dimensions tubs remain in the mid-range of walk-in tub prices. Hydro Dimensions truly brings value to the walk-in tub market and makes premier treatment choices accessible for those who do not want to endeavor into the higher end of walk-in tub pricing.

Tub plus setup: $8,000-$12,000. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Lifetime Service Warranty Life Time Warranty Yes Yes Handheld showerChrome faucet setGelcoat fiberglass shellRight or left hinged doors Both of these designs provide 6 levels of enhancement for an included expense. Offered Enhancement Levels: 5 water jets, automatic purge cycle, electronic control panel20 air jets, electronic control panelA combination of the very first two packagesFirst hydro massage plan plus 10 additional jets and a water level safety sensorDual massage bundle plus 10 extra water jets Launches microbubbles for therapy and relaxation Along with enhancement alternatives, buyers might also include the following additional functions for much more customizability and comfort: Additional grab barsHeated backrestSafe-T drain for quicker draining timesUV sanitationOzone sanitationAromatherapyChromatherapyHeadrestsCurtainsWall packages Shower slide barsCustom color matching Note that every add-on function may not be offered for every tub design.

Hydro Dimension's wall packages are "sampled" from natural stone however are mostly comprised of a crafted material that is less costly than acquiring a real piece of stone. The readily available colors are standard white, Botticino Cream, Breccia Paradiso, and Mocha Travertine. The last 2 colors are both marbled browns. Tub prices from Hydro Dimensions is entirely dependant on which features the customer selects.

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The business also does not ever offer straight to consumers. Rather, clients buy from approved Hydro Dimensions Dealers. To begin your purchase procedure, you can call Hydro Dimensions directly. Over the phone, a consumer service agent can stroll you through options and give you a concept of the price range you're taking a look at.

Representatives from Hydro Dimensions notified us that a tub with some basic extra functions usually will run between $5,000-$8,000 prior to setup. Hydro Dimensions never ever sells tubs without a setup package. Setup of Hydro Dimensions tubs is constantly managed by Hydro Dimensions' experienced, expert dealerships. For a tub plus installation, the house owner can anticipate to invest between $8,000 and $12,000 at minimum, and the number might be greater if the tub is packed with additional features.

If you need help paying for your walk-in tub task, there are options for assistance, such as grants. Some options that might be used to minimize the concern of paying for a walk-in tub include regional Medicaid program grants, a grant from Veterans Affairs (such as the HISA grant, though it might only apply in restricted cases), or perhaps a Single Household Real Estate Repair Work Loans & Grants (offered through the United States Department of Agriculture and Rural Advancement).

In 2016, Hydro Dimensions increased the scope of its guarantee. It now provides a Life time Warranty for the original purchaser. Parts and labor are consisted of for the very first year, and after the first year, the service warranty changes to cover parts just. Surface area imperfections due to misuse, abuse, or "normal wear" are not considered covered by the guarantee.

If the very same thing were to happen in the 2nd year or later on, however, you will either be billed for the Hydro Measurement dealership or staff member's labor when they change the part for you, or else you will just get the part in the mail and need to schedule somebody of your choice to set up the brand-new part at your cost.

All the designs offered by Hydro Dimensions are just named with 4 digit numbers (and letters), so you might find this fast guide helpful to find out which other models may be great options for your restroom and needs. All of the walk-in tubs in this line are quite similar.

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If there's something special about the tub we've noted that, otherwise we have actually just noted its measurements. A walk-in tub smaller than standard for restrooms with restricted space. It has a bi-fold inward swinging door. 45 x 26 x 39"The original Hydro Dimensions walk-in tub model, this fits through doors and the majority of basic tub spaces.

51 x 28.25 x 41": 47 3/4 x 29 x 38 1/2: 51 1/2 x 29 3/4 x 40 A tub designed for wall-to-wall installation. 54" x 29" x 38. Among the longest tubs that Hydro Dimensions uses. 60 x 30 x 37.25"Not technically a walk-in tub because it is low to the ground and needs reclining, which is not as safe as a true walk-in tub design.

A small, cube-like tub with 3 completed sides so that the tub can be installed nearly anywhere. 37 1/4 x 31 1/2 x 38 1/2. A tub with a low height that can accommodate a challenging bathroom window placement. 53" x 31" x 35". A tub that's finest for new construction (most likely will not fit through completed doors).

All of the tubs in this line are designed for unique requirements. A slide-in model, with an outward swinging door that's additional broad and makes getting to the seat easy. The W in the name means wheelchair accessible. The business states this design is a top seller. This model is almost the like the 3052W except it's roughly 2" wider than that design.

The company states this design is ideal for those over six feet high. a variation of the 3155D that has to do with 5" longer than that model. This design features the same 39" of soaking depth that's perfect for tall bathers. With over 140 years of industry experience, mergers, and development, American Requirement is a leader worldwide of restroom and kitchen components. Slide-In Walk-In Tub 32" x 52" x 40" 37.5" x 48" x 28 Gelcoat Acrylic Outward Swinging Inward Swinging Anti-slip flooring, get bars Anti-slip floor, get bars $6185 pre-installation $9645 pre-installation No Yes No Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes (optional) Yes (optional) Restricted Warranty or Lifetime Warranty Limited Guarantee or Lifetime Guarantee Yes Yes Both tubs feature: Quick Drain technology (counts on a pump rather pipeline sizes) ADA compliant seat (17" tall) Portable shower The Soaking Tub Basic Features: Gelcoat shellOutward swinging doorQuick drain pump The Massage Walk-In Tub Standard Functions: Acrylic shellHydrotherapy (13 jets) Air spa system (26 jets) Inline heating systems for jetting systemsAutomatic purge cycle Self-cleaning sanitation Cushioned neck rest Both models include: In both tubs, an optional chrome slide bar for the portable shower is available for an extra $133.

The Soaking Walk-In Tub can be further accessorized with a cushioned neck rest for an additional $54. This feature comes standard in the Massage Walk-In Tub. Tub and upgrade costs are readily offered on the American Requirement site, in showrooms, and through other merchants such as Lowes and The House Depot.

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Presently, on American Standard's own website the most pricey walk-in tub (pre-installation) is $11,410 and its least pricey is $4,845. Sometimes, a similar American Requirement tub from a 3rd celebration can be a number of thousand dollars more affordable. The disadvantage to purchasing from another merchant is that you'll need to discover your own installer and the service warranty will cover less.

An online type on American Requirement's site can be utilized to arrange an at home go to from an American Standard Safety Expert. American Basic offers funding to certified individuals who select to have their walk-in tub installed by the company. Security professionals can supply info on financing during an at home go to.

In many cases, when a company offers funding, they will desire to see that the one who's getting the loan owns the home. Senior citizens who aren't sure about financing through the company can likewise check out getting grants or loans through other venues such as through regional Medicaid programs or through an FHA Title 1 loan, which is a loan specifically developed for home enhancement projects.

American Requirement uses 2 distinct walk-in tub warranties. If you choose to have among American Requirement's factory trained experts install your tub, then your tub will have a total life time service warranty that includes installation and labor. This is one of the best service warranties available of all of the business we examined.

In this case, the coverage for acrylic tubs is better than the coverage for high-gloss gelcoat tubs. 15 years 10 years Lifetime ten years 5 years Lifetime Due to the fact that American basic lists over 200 various design numbers on their site, it can be difficult to locate the design that you require.

These shapes do not have distinct names, but are noted by their measurements, the line of product( s) they are made in, the method that the door swings, and the type of treatment included. One tub provided by American Requirement has very square lines and an inward swinging door. It is available in the Gelcoat Premium Series, The Entry Series, and the Acrylic High-end Series.

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We can describe it as the "basic tub." There's a tub that's very comparable to the requirement, other than that it has a curvy door opening. The door swings inward. It can be found in both the Gelcoat Premium and Value series and can be found in 2 sizes: 30" x 52" and 30" x 60".

There's likewise a walk-in tub model that includes an outside swinging door that is shaped like two steps in a staircase. This model is what would usually be called a slide-in, transfer, or wheelchair accessible tub. It is available in both the Gelcoat Premium and Value series. It's sizes are 3052 and 3252.

A little family-owned business, Independent Home just makes walk-in tubs. All of its resources are concentrated on supplying you with the best of this market niche. The variety of models Independent Home brings isn't extremely big, yet it manages to have choices for many various body types and abilities, as well as for lots of different house space requirements.